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When it comes to find ideas to use, Flower and Garden show sounds like a show for home owners with big loans and yards, but Chicago Flower and Garden Show is full of ides for small places. The show presents beautiful flower arrangements, garden designs for big and small spaces. But part of these designs can be implement in balconies and patios as well to just enhance the relaxation environment.

There were some ideas that I will do if I lived in a joint housing like condominium and apartment. The hanging pot can nicely be used inside as well. Sound of running water has imazing effect in relaxing us and some of these are small enough to do in patio. Table and chair setting can give dramatic effect to any corner or even door way indoor or out door.

When I saw the designs with boats, first I thought for these I need to live nearby a river or lake. But on the second thought what about having a big pond and boat with more comfy seats with big umbrella. It will be nice to sit down there to read, listen to music, for a dinner or just talk.

With so many vendors offering services and many variety of things to sell on spot, next year it is going to be my one stop shopping spot to re-vitalize my place. But of course I will use my own images to frame wherever I decided to have a picture.


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