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So finally I decided to get some of my photography work printed. So I ordered prints. Of course the intention was to sell them.

I started to plan selling and in the process I was identifying differet venues and then it occured to me that if I am selling only prints my solution is offering half the product and I am leaving for customers to find appropiate frames.

Hence I bought some frames but they seamed so plain and standard as I did not had budget to buy expensive styish frames. So I decided to add my own flayer of style to those plain frames. So I ended up painting them.

Once I painted them I wanted the paint to stick and not scratch as eaily so, I ended up buying a coating material to make the paint morescratch resistant. I chose satin over gloss as I still wanted the paint to show without that artifical shiny look.

All this seams so simple in writing. But first when I painted the frame I had to wait for paint to dry. Some of them needed two coat so waited twice. Then I applied to protection coat and waited for it to dry. Then I had to figure out the picture that will best go with the frame color and design and finaly had to find the right glass and the back to fit the frame.

The other issue is that I have been doing all this work in a storage unit so I clean and remove the dust and I turn around and it is dusty again. So for now I have given up. I will clean them as I sell them so that I donot have o clean them again and again and yet my customers can get dust free product. Oh well LOL.

So here I am uploading some samples. See more detail on :


One response to “My work of art, excellent, good and not so good…

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