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Farmers Market by Daley Center   Leave a comment

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Clark st and Washington Ave, Chicago, IL.


Pets Photography   1 comment

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So we love our pets. We hug them, we kiss them, we clean them and we clean after them. They are like our kids, even when we are mad at them we are really not that mad. When we tell them get out of here we really absolutely do not mean for them to go away. Sometimes they are really annoying and we really want someone else to take care of them for us for a while but as soon as we leave them at a baby sitter place or at home with a baby sitter we start missing them.

So what about capturing that lovely innocent or naughty expressions of our pets that we adore and long to see when we get home after a day of work. What about sending out that pretty picture to your friends and family members as greeting card and showing them the treasure you have in form of your pet.

Here is my greeting for the coming fall for all of you. This is Mr. Odas. I named him Ghuchoo after I adapted him from a friend. Just see how lovely he is. He is really fond of getting his pictures taken. I bet you can tell from the pictures.

Let me know what you think of him and his pictures.

Navy Pier – Quite or Party like   Leave a comment

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Humm. So you always thought it is a busy place with a lot of people always there as if there is a crazy party going on there. But have you tried it on a weekday or even evening (excluding Fridays)?

Take a look at the pictures to just get an idea. Also notice new additions to allowing sit down in comparatively quite areas.

Larger Than Life statue of Marilyn Monroe – a job well done   Leave a comment

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So finally I paid visit to much talked about Larger Than Life statue of Marilyn Monroe by Seward Johnson. I just wanted to take few pictures and was really not that excited. When I started to take pictures I was more absorbed with the people posing my the statue and how they differ from each other. Some shy, some naughty and what not and what not.

Then I came home and started to review the pictures and first time the detail of the statue got my attention. The skirt, the blouse, the under wear, her muscles, the lips, even the mole and the facial expression so real.

We often hear that a lot of times good opportunities seams like a lot of work for most people and they pass on them. After noticing all the detail and the work that possibly has gone in designing and making of this statue, I have to say this is a hell of a fine example of that saying.

Good work Seward Johnson. Keep it up.

PS: to see more pictures follow