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Why I am painting frames?   Leave a comment

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If I just order prints and frame them in standard frames the process is as following:

1) take pictures
2) choose some to get print
3) decide on size
4) order print
5) find frames and buy them
6) Frame the picture in the frame and wallah… ready to sell.

Now when I paint the frame the overall process goes like:
1. take pictures
2. choose some to get print
3. decide on size
4. order print
5. find frames and buy them
6. Decide on colors and find and buy colors
7. decide on how to paint them (design the painting)
8. paint them in some cases wait for first coat to dry and do the second coat)
9. wait for paint to dry
10. Coat the painted frame with clear protection coating and wait for it to dry
11. Frame the picture

Of course when we order prints or buy frames or colors we don’t do one by one. So even I say that I on average spend 10minute per frame for each activity (because it is just not the purchase but travel time and browsing time to find right stuff etc has to be included because I am working for that time period) and 2min for framing the picture it is 32minutes. So I at least need to make $5 in profits. So in any case I should not be selling a framed picture less than $5+fixed cost+cost of material+sales tax. But for 4×6 that is impossible.

Where fixed cost is cost of space used to do all these activities, utilities consumed during that time period etc. $10 an hour is really a modest rate for a skilled person.

Anyway, considering the painted frame assuming when paint and clear coat is drying I am doing something else. So I ignore those from above list and allocate 10min to rest of activities it is 10×10 = 100 minutes i.e. say some will be done sooner than that so I take an average of 60min per print framed in hand painted frame. So I should at least charge $10+cost of material+sales Tax. The prices increases so, why the heck I take the pain of painting the frames.

Well there are several reasons behind it. One I always inspired by paintings. How they look so close to life or abstract leaving you wondering. But I never had a talent to really be able to paint a painting as such.

I like to create things specially when I am stressed, upset or even angry. This is my way of relaxing me. So far I have painted, which used to be ugly until now, I have designed, cut and stitched my cloths and for my sister and mom. I always get involved in analyzing, designing and coding of User Interfaces when working on a software development project. Even when I am not hired for that purpose I smoothly make my way to that effort.

Anyway, so this time around when I ordered my prints and obtained frames and framed some of them they looked so standard, plain and simple. Beside that I think unconsciously I was looking for a way to create something. So combined those two the idea of painting the frame was conceived. I guess I am more angry and upset on my circumstances than I realized. But I am happy that when I am angry I create and not destroy. This is a blessing of God and I am thankful to Him for this.