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When I was taking these pictures I only meant to practice my still life photography skills. It was only later when I looked at these pictures on bigger screen and realized that I have created some pieces of artistic pictures. Second thought was that they are perfect for kitchen, dinning area, bar, even commercial bars and restaurants.

When choosing art work or pictures we know what we like when we see it but the question is if it will suite and go with rest of the colors and stuff we have in a room. Should we get dark or bright colors or neutral or even just black and white?

I usually find it appealing if the walls are neutral colors but art work and other décor is bright or dark colors and if walls are bright or dark colors then art work that is more light in color. Black and white tends to go with every color scheme as long as not every thing is black and white or neutral in colors.

I think I will like to experiment with colors in my next project with neutral wall paint like white, beige or even gray and more brighter pictures and other decor. But I will pick one color for each side of the room and every thing I put on that wall will be same color may be different shades. Neutral furniture, same curtains all over if the room is more formal but for casual space like entertainment center same design of curtains but differenr color matching to the other décor on that side of the room. I think it will give the room a hip look without going too crazy.

Anyway, if you want to take a look on more of these pictures check my fcebook page; where I am also running a sweep stake.